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Molecular Characterization of Hpd Gene in Indian Bats
Vishal Kadu#1, Ashok P. Manekar*2

Published in: Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences
Volume- 4, Issue-7, pp.60-69, Dec 2017
DPI :-> 16.10089.JARAS.2017.V4I7.6069.2221

The metabolism of biomolecules involves anabolism and catabolism processes which are essential for maintenance of the balance of biomolecules. In the metabolism of amino acid tyrosine, the anabolism involves conversion of aromatic amino acid phenylalanine into tyrosine, whereas catabolism involves breakdown of tyrosine by series of five enzymes. The HPD gene provides instructions for making an enzyme 4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPD). The HPD enzyme catalyses second reaction of tyrosine catabolism. A deficiency in the catalytic activity of HPD may lead to Hereditary Tyrosinemia type III (HT III), an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by elevated level of tyrosine in the blood and massive excretion of tyrosine derivatives into urine. In present study, bat species were selected based on their food habits; one frugivorous (Cynopterus sphinx) and two insectivorous (Scotophilus heathi and Hipposideros fulvus). The HPD gene sequence comparison in the bat species shows number of conserved sites in the gene. The comparison of HPD gene expression shows significant low expression level in frugivorous bats than insectivorous bats. These evidences suggest that HPD gene has undergone evolution with non-synonymous substitutions which resulted in amino acids sequence dissimilarity. The HPD gene of the bat species under study shows some conserved reg

Key-Words / Index Term
4-hydroxyphenylpyruvate deoxygenize, q-PCR, C. sphinx, S. heath, H. fulvus, and gene characterization

How to cite this article
Vishal Kadu#1, Ashok P. Manekar*2 , “Molecular Characterization of Hpd Gene in Indian Bats”, Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences, 4, Issue-7, pp.60-69, Dec 2017. DPI:16.10089.JARAS.V4.I7.2221