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Automatic Attendance Tracking and Monitoring System
1Saurabh Singh, 2Tarush Shenoy, 3Harjeet Matharu

Published in: Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences
Volume- 4, Issue-6, pp.1-5, Nov 2017
DPI :-> 16.10089.JARAS.2017.V4I6.15.2100

This project purposes to aim at designing a student attendance system which could effectively manage attendance of students at institutes. Attendance is marked after student identification. Biometric system is essentially a pattern recognition system which recognizes a user by determining the authenticity of a specific physiological or behavioral characteristics possessed by the user. For student’s identification, a fingerprint recognition based system is used. Fingerprints are considered to be the best and fastest method for biometric identification. They are secure to use, unique for every person and do not change in one’s lifetime. Educational institutions can centrally and accurately monitor student attendance to prevent proxy attendance and errors which are common problems when using traditional check-in and check-out methods.

Key-Words / Index Term
Arduino uno, Biometric fingerprint sensor, LCD JHD 162A, Power supply, GUI.

How to cite this article
1Saurabh Singh, 2Tarush Shenoy, 3Harjeet Matharu , “Automatic Attendance Tracking and Monitoring System”, Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences, 4, Issue-6, pp.1-5, Nov 2017. DPI:16.10089.JARAS.V4.I6.2100