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Vikas Marathe [1], Dimpal Korake [2]

Published in: Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences
Volume- 4, Issue-5, pp.48-54, Oct 2017
DPI :-> 16.10089.JARAS.2017.V4I5.4854.2005

Hand Gesture is invariably used in everyday life style. It is so natural way to communicate. Hand gesture recognition method is widely used in the application area of controlling mouse and/or keyboard functionality, mechanical system, 3D World, Manipulate virtual objects, Navigate in a Virtual Environment, Human/Robot Manipulation and Instruction Communicate at a distance.This system consists of four stages: image acquisition, feature extraction, classification and recognition. In the first stage input image of hand gestures are acquiesced by digital camera in approximate frame/snapshot rate. In second stage a rotation, translation, scaling and orientation invariant feature extraction method will be introduce to extract the feature of the input image based on SURF(seeded up robust method). Finally, a artificial neural network is use to recognize the hand gestures. The performance of the system is tested on real data.

Key-Words / Index Term
— Hand gestures, Artificial neural network, JAVA library, Gesture recognition Mouse control operation

How to cite this article
Vikas Marathe [1], Dimpal Korake [2] , “A REAL TIME STATIC HAND GESTURE RECOGNITION FOR HUMAN COMPUTER INTERACTION”, Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences, 4, Issue-5, pp.48-54, Oct 2017. DPI:16.10089.JARAS.V4.I5.2005