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Published in: Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences
Volume- 4, Issue-1, pp.540-549, Jun 2017
DPI :-> 16.10089.JARAS.2017.V4I1.540549.1787

In today’s manufacturing culture, assembly work is routinely attributed to short production cycles and constantly diminishing batch sizes, while the product variety increases. Constant pressure to shorten lead times is challenging task in current scenario, even for the most innovative manufacturers. The ability to respond quickly to rapidly changing customer demands requires the use of efficient manufacturing environment that can be demandable and expanded on the fly, and which can accommodate advances in assembly techniques without making any initial manufacturing investments obsolete. This work was under taken in a one of the leading electronics industry. The company is a well-known organization which works in manufacturing of electrical components. In view of world class competition, they are planning for new products and their assembly lines at the current facility. This paper describes an application of value stream mapping (VSM). Consequently, the present and future states of value stream maps are studied by identifying waste and its sources for improvements. The improvements were carried out in the form of ‘Kaizen Bursts’ in the future state map. Kanban pull system with provision of supermarket is designed for assembly line. A noticeable reduction in in-process inventory and rejection control is achieved. The production flow was optimized thus minimizing several non-value added activities/times. The paper describes extensive ‘Root Cause Analyses’ tool for problem solving. By kaizen implementation there is noticeable reduction of in rejection rate 22 % respectively. Excess work in process inventory level i.e. non value added time is also reduced by 10 days by Kanban. Therefore, this paper proves successful implementation of ‘Lean Manufacturing tools’ in a particular manufacturing scenario.

Key-Words / Index Term
Value stream mapping, Kaizen, Root cause analysis, Kanban, Supermarket

How to cite this article
PRATIK KAMBLE1, GANESH DONGRE2 , “APPLICATION OF LEAN MANUFACTURING TOOLS IN SWITCHGEAR MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY ”, Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences, 4, Issue-1, pp.540-549, Jun 2017. DPI:16.10089.JARAS.V4.I1.1787