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Published in: Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences
Volume- 4, Issue-1, pp.360-365, Jan 2014
DPI :-> 16.10089.JARAS.2014.V4I1.360365.1729

To improve traffic control and management there is an urgent need of a robust and reliable traffic surveillance system. Vehicle flow detection appears to be an important part in surveillance system. The traffic state in fixed time interval is shown by the traffic flow. This is useful in managing and controlling traffic especially when there is a traffic jam. Thus, this paper presents a traffic surveillance system which uses blob detection algorithm for vehicle counting. The techniques used in the proposed system are: background subtraction, blob detection and blob analysis and vehicle counting. A vehicle is highlighted as a rectangular patch and classified via blob analysis. The meaningful features are extracted by analyzing the highlighted blob of vehicles. By extracting the features of the blob, the priority vehicles are detected and first preference is given to them. Tracking moving targets is achieved by comparing the extracted features and measuring the minimal distance between consecutive frames. Thus, this system can provide real time and useful information for traffic surveillance.

Key-Words / Index Term
Background subtraction, Blob detection, Template matching, Traffic surveillance, Vehicle counting, Priority vehicle detection, Floof fill algorithm.

How to cite this article
ANUSHA [1], SEJAL KATYARE [2], PROF. PRAJAKTA THAKARE [3] , “AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEM USING BLOB DETECTION ”, Journal for Advance Research in Applied Sciences, 4, Issue-1, pp.360-365, Jan 2014. DPI:16.10089.JARAS.V4.I1.1729