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Published in: International Journal of Agriculture Sciences
Volume- 9, Issue-46, pp.4779-4782, Oct 2017
DPI :-> 16.10077.IJAS.2017.V9I46.47794782.2070

This study was aimed to assess perception of farmers regarding climate change. The study was conducted in Banaskantha of District of Gujarat State and random sampling procedure was followed in selection of respondents and total sample size was 150. Farmers’ perceptions were assessed through a summative rating scale which consisted of five dimensions: scientific understanding of climate change in relation to agriculture, its causes, changes in climatic parameters, effects of climate change on agriculture and adaptation and mitigation to climate change in agriculture. The data collected were analyzed with descriptive statistics (frequencies, per cent, mean score and rank). The results from the study showed that The respondents perceived scientific understanding of major climate change items viz. climate change is really happening (MS 4.13), monsoon is becoming more irregular with long dry spell (MS 3.87) and incidence of heavy rainfall in one day (MS 3.84), further they perceived the important causes of climate change viz. indiscriminate tree cutting (MS 3.96), forced maturity of fruits due to climate change (MS 3.17) and increased use of chemical fertilizers leads global warming (MS 2.80). The respondents perceived the major changes in climatic parameters viz. summer is becoming more hotter (MS 4.15), there are changes in the timing of onset of monsoon (MS 4.09) and seasonal precipitation and distribution of rainfall patterns have drastically changed (MS 3.98). Moreover, the respondents perceived the major effects of climate change viz. reduction in area of cultivable land due to water erosion (MS 3.89), poor quality of product affects the market price (MS 3.65) and more incidence of pest-disease due to climate change (MS 3.64). The respondents perceived the important adaptation and mitigation measures of climate change viz., rain water harvesting of water in monsoon help farmers in the time of scarcity (MS 4.12), weed-control reduces nutrient losses (MS 3.85) and a forestation helps in maintaining ecological balance (MS 3.82).

Key-Words / Index Term
Perception, Climate change, Adaptation, Mitigation

How to cite this article
B.H. VYAS, V.T. PATEL, A.C. JATAPARA , “PERCEPTION OF FARMERS REGARDING CLIMATE CHANGE”, International Journal of Agriculture Sciences, 9, Issue-46, pp.4779-4782, Oct 2017. DPI:16.10077.IJAS.V9.I46.2070