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Published in: International Journal of Agriculture Sciences
Volume- 9, Issue-43, pp.4702-4707, Sep 2017
DPI :-> 16.10077.IJAS.2017.V9I43.47024707.2024

Sorghum grains have good composition in both amino acid and protein, but there is limiting amount/composition of lysine. Both genetic and environmental factors affect the protein content of sorghum. In sorghum the variability is high, probably because the crop is grown under diverse agro-climatic conditions,which affect the grain composition. The two high-lysine Ethiopian sorghum varieties, IS 11758 and IS 11167are identified to overcome the problem of limiting amount of lysine in sorghum seed through hybridization or mutation. The average lysine content of those varieties is higher than that of normal sorghum which grows under similar environment. Even the PER values for high-lysine varieties is higher than the normal value for sorghum. We need more data to understand whether the high-lysine gene in sorghum is stable in a normal plump seed endosperm background. Another high-lysine mutant, P721, was reported to have 60% more lysine than normal sorghum. The high lysine of P721 resulted primarily from unusually high amounts of Lysine-rich gluten and low Lysine-poor prolamin. They observed that in all three of these high-lysine sorghum varieties the Lysine content of the germ was normal but the Lysine content of the endosperm was higher than in normal sorghum. For the rapid estimation of protein and lysine in large numbers of sorghum samples, the Technicon autoanalyser method and the dye-binding capacity method were found to be most suitable. The relationship between yield and lysine in sorghum was not very strong. Therefore, it seems possible to increase the lysine content without much affecting the yield.

Key-Words / Index Term
Sorghum, Breeding, Lysine, Amino-acid and Seed

How to cite this article
FANO DARGO , “BREEDING OF SORGHUM FOR HIGH LYSINE IN THE SEED”, International Journal of Agriculture Sciences, 9, Issue-43, pp.4702-4707, Sep 2017. DPI:16.10077.IJAS.V9.I43.2024