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Traffic Delay of West Zone in Hyderabad
T. Pavan Kumar Reddy*, M. Madhuri

Published in: International Journal of Scientific Review and Research in Engineering and Technology
Volume- 2, Issue-6, pp.12-19, Nov 2017
DPI :-> 16.10069.IJSRRET.2017.V2I6.1219.2153

Traffic delay plays a major role in road capacity, speed limit and traffic flow of a city. In India, so many cities are facing traffic delay problems because of high vehicular population, dense city area and narrow roads. Hyderabad is also one of the cities with high rated traffic delay problems. Traffic delay problems in Hyderabad can be studied by identifying commercial areas having traffic delay problem. The traffic delay management can be done at a junction located at west Hyderabad area. The project involves identifying of traffic delayed areas, studying of existing traffic delay control measures, finding the causes of traffic delay and finally giving solutions The traffic delay management of one area is done by conducting two types of surveys based on the delay conditions. Data collection of traffic delay based on speed study, geometrical measurements, volume count, network intersection. Based on the above data the traffic delay management done at junction in the form of traffic delay solutions, delay strategies and recommendations suitable for Hyderabad city and also for Indian cities by conducting the same type of surveys in remaining areas of Hyderabad we can achieve city without traffic delay problems.

Key-Words / Index Term
Traffic delay, Survey, Speed study, Vehicles, Geometrical Measurements and Volume count

How to cite this article
T. Pavan Kumar Reddy*, M. Madhuri , “Traffic Delay of West Zone in Hyderabad ”, International Journal of Scientific Review and Research in Engineering and Technology, 2, Issue-6, pp.12-19, Nov 2017. DPI:16.10069.IJSRRET.V2.I6.2153