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Sariga Raj

Published in: International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research ( IJCESR)
Volume- 1, Issue-5, pp.1-11, Jan 2018
DPI :-> 16.10046.IJCESR.2018.V1I5.111.2291

The objective of a collaborative supply chain is to gain competitive advantage, by improving overall performance through taking a holistic perspective of the supply chain. Modeling the constituents of a collaborative supply chain, the key parameters they influence, and the appropriate performance measures in a decision support environment enables prior understanding of the impact on the performance of a collaborative supply chain as a result of changes in the constituents and key parameters. In turn, this allows pinpointing of those areas where the actual supply chain can be improved and hence manage the chain’s performance. This research proposal aims at reviewing the different criteria in supplier selection. The various methodologies are studied here. Further the research methodology of developing a collaborative framework is proposed.

Key-Words / Index Term
Supply Chain Management, Supplier Selection, Supplier Performance

How to cite this article
Sariga Raj , “VENDOR SELECTION- AN INSIGHT OF METHODS”, International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research ( IJCESR), 1, Issue-5, pp.1-11, Jan 2018. DPI:16.10046.IJCESR.V1.I5.2291