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Pothuri Keerthi, Dr.P.Varaprasada Rao

Published in: International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research ( IJCESR)
Volume- 4, Issue-8, pp.86-89, Aug 2017
DPI :-> 16.10046.IJCESR.2017.V4I8.8689.1895

Public cloud is now a rapid growing trend for storing user’s data. Most of the users now a day’s are storing their personal and professional data on the public cloud. As they outsource their confidential data on cloud, they lose physical possession of their private data. Public cloud is one way to store user’s data but it is not trusted storage service. In this paper, two of the privacy preserving issues about accessing the cloud data has been identified i.e., acuteness of keywords sent in queries and the data fetched as a result of those queries. Both of these should be hidden from intruders. To keep the documents private, they should get encrypted before outsourcing to the cloud. Privacy of the data has been achieved using symmetric key cryptography algorithm, we have used Two fish. To fetch the documents of user interest, user should fire a query consisting of multiple keywords which will in turn return the top k ranked documents. As we don’t want to disclose neither keyword from query nor query pattern, we have developed fully privacy preserving system by encrypting search pattern as well as secret key. Indexing has been developed to build an index of keywords from documents. Index will be used to retrieve documents in response to search query by using the principle of keyword matching. This paper has analyzed and implemented Lucene indexing algorithm. Ranking of the results has been developed so as to improve the search result correctness as well as to embellish the user searching experience.

Key-Words / Index Term
Cloud computing, ranked keyword search, several owners, confidentiality preserving, dynamic hidden key

How to cite this article
Pothuri Keerthi, Dr.P.Varaprasada Rao , “CONFIDENTIALITY CONSERVING MULTI-KEYWORD RANKED SEARCH ABOVE ENCRYPTED CLOUD DATA”, International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research ( IJCESR), 4, Issue-8, pp.86-89, Aug 2017. DPI:16.10046.IJCESR.V4.I8.1895