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Rishi Kumar Sharma, Vishal Vig

Published in: International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research ( IJCESR)
Volume- 4, Issue-10, pp.6-11, Oct 2017
DPI :-> 16.10046.IJCESR.2017.V4I10.611.2203

Cloud computing emerges as a new computing paradigm1 which aims to provide most reliable and QoS guaranteed computing environments for the endusers. Cloud Computing enables us to access and share the subsequent services, resources, servers and application without eventually obtaining them. Cloud Computing is emerging exponentially all over the globe because of its adaptability, which in term is very efficient and effective. In other word cloud computing is a holistic approach to the success of the futuristic Computer Science and Engineering. Though many companies are providing the cloud based services for its client still there arose various issues which are related to the vulnerability and threats of Cloud Computing. These threats and vulnerability may be from the internal or the external sources and consists of factors such as Secure Data Transmission, Insecure API, Internet Dependency and Data Confidentiality. There are also some research confront in cloud computing which includes privacy, interoperability, reliability and service level agreement. This research paper includes study of cloud computing its services models, security and vulnerability issues and also suggests a best practice to cloud service proved to improve technology.

Key-Words / Index Term
Cloud Computing, Clouds Vulnerability, Security Concerns, Cloud Solutions.

How to cite this article
Rishi Kumar Sharma, Vishal Vig , “A STUDY ON SECURITY ISSUES, VULNERABILITY AND THREATS CHALLENGES”, International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research ( IJCESR), 4, Issue-10, pp.6-11, Oct 2017. DPI:16.10046.IJCESR.V4.I10.2203